Special delivery instructions

Any special requests, order requirements or delivery instructions are to be placed in the section provided in the order confirmation. If this is not available or another request is required, we may be able to accommodate this request prior to the order being fulfilled.

Contact details

Contact details in each and every order must be valid and real. 

We do not accept orders placed with fake email accounts and/or phone numbers.  If you do not accept this condition, please do not place an order – we do often validate the details provided in each order.

If an issue arises and the contact details are incorrect, we will be unable to contact you to resolve.

If an order is placed with incorrect details (error / typo etc) please contact us directly with your order details to ensure that all information is provided to you.

It is the customers responsibility to ensure contact details are updated and maintained through their accounts on the website, especially shipping addresses.

If a shipping address is provided incorrectly and contact is not made before fulfillment to correct this, we do not take responsibility if the item is not received.

Items are insured through the shipping providers but not for incorrect details.

Payment Methods

We do accept credit card payments, directly through our website via eftpos and also through the PayPal checkout.
Where a credit card payment is made directly through the website for orders over $100 AUD, we may request additional validation of the purchase.

This may include evidence of the card and photo ID to confirm name and address as well as confirmation of the card and name used on the card. This is an Anti-Fraud condition and if not agreeable to the customer, the order will be cancelled and refunded.

All Credit Card payments must be made and authorized by the named owner on the credit card or orders will be cancelled and refunded.

If you do not wish to provide this information when requested please choose another payment option.

Further Information

If there are any questions or concerns with any of the conditions in this section,

please feel free to contact us directly by email or by joining our Facebook group.